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Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars) Edit

This Wikia is about Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars

About Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama mystery thriller series based on the popular book series written by Sara Shepard. The show premiered on June 8, 2010,on ABC family. The show is set in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. The series revolves around the lives of four girls Emily Fields, Hannah Marin, Spencer Hastings and Alison Dilaurentis. Their friendship group fell apart after the disappearance of Alison, the leader of the group. One year later, the group comes back together as they all begin to receive messages from a mysterious person going by the name of "A". This person begins threatening to reveal all their deepest darkest secrets, that they thought only Alison knew about.

About Emily Fields

Emily Fields played by Shay Mitchell is the sporty one out of Alison's group, she is a member of her school Rosewood's swim team. Out of Aria, Spencer, Alison and Hannah, Emily would be described as Caring, Sweet and Loyal. Emily cares about her friends more than she cares about herself. She is always putting them first no matter what. She is an only child, therefor is the center of her parents life. Emily has had a rough past of being in love with her best friend Alison before she dissapeard. When A becomes involved with the group and starts messing around with them, Emily finds it extremely difficult to be herself, and by that meaning hiding her sexuality and who she really is. At times she was very close to being outed, then eventually her parents found out and had a difficult time dealing with this, especially her mother. But that then made her stronger as a person and she began to start being herself. And her friends and family loved her even more because of that.

Emily's Physical Appearance

Emily has long dark hair which is usually worn down. She has brown eyes and olive skin with an athletic body type as she is a swimmer. She is the one who dresses very simple out of the girls in the group.

Why watch Pretty Little Liars?

The show is a thrilling and addicting series that continuously leaves you on the edge of your seat. The show explores relationships, friendships, deaths and many more exciting events




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